Sometimes referred to as ‘Wider Opportunities’ or ‘First Access’, Wolverhampton Music Service offers schools the opportunity for their pupils to experience Whole Class Ensemble Teaching. Pupils learn together as an entire class alongside their class teacher experiencing 3 instruments over an academic year.

Musical knowledge is an integral part of learning in the programme which starts with a short period of ‘pre-instrumental’ work ensuring that pupils are given the opportunity to learn the basic skills of rhythm, pulse, listening and working together. Delivered using singing as a key tool, inspiring and structured lessons allow pupils to build confidence before focusing on the more technical, instrument specific skills.

Without music, life would be a mistake

Friedrich Nietzsche

Delivered by our qualified and experienced staff, instruments include: Brass; Strings (bowed and plucked); Woodwind (fife); Percussion (djembe).

Whole Class Instrumental Teaching with Wolverhampton Music Service delivers a curriculum which will set children and young people on the journey of learning a musical instrument. As a service we look to support schools in providing progression beyond this first year of learning so that informed choices can be made by young people when choosing to learn an instrument in a more focused way.

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