Many schools offer tuition in groups of varying sizes and each school approaches it differently.  The most important factor is that of progression – what happens next?

Wolverhampton Music Education Hub encourages and supports progression for young people involved in learning music and strives to provide opportunities to achieve to the highest level.  As lead partner in the hub, Wolverhampton Music Service offers a broad range of instrumental tuition and flexible delivery to meet the differing needs of schools.

Instrumental tuition after First Access (Whole Class Ensemble Teaching) can take on many forms.  The majority of schools choose to offer a range of instruments to smaller groups of children, particularly in Key Stages 1-3.  In Key stages 4-5 the needs can differ depending on courses offered in the curriculum by the school.  Teaching often takes place in even smaller groups or individual sessions.

Each school is different.  If you would like to arrange a visit to discuss requirements and needs for your school, please contact us.