Instrumental Exams

Wolverhampton Music School is an exam centre for ABRSM and Trinity music exams. These are held termly and there are exam sessions for both members of the public and for pupils entered through Wolverhampton Music Service.

External Exams

Candidates entered for ABRSM or Trinity College London exams through Wolverhampton Music Service will be pupils of music service teachers. Teachers will advise pupils, parents and the school when they feel it is appropriate for a pupil to be entered for an exam.

Guitar teachers from Wolverhampton Music Service may wish to enter their pupils for either Rockschool or Trinity Rock and Pop exams. These are not currently held at Wolverhampton Music School and teachers will discuss arrangements for taking these exams with their pupils, parents and the school in advance.

Exam results are sent to Wolverhampton Music Service and are passed on to teachers as soon as possible. Trinity results are received more quickly that ABRSM results.

Music Service Exams

In addition to the public exams outlined above, Wolverhampton Music Service also offers a Grade 1 exam in the String, Brass and Percussion Departments. (Woodwind offer a Grade 1 Assessment which is completed by pupils within lesson time in their school). These exams are offered to pupils in schools which have a Service Level Agreement with the Wolverhampton Music Service and provide pupils with an opportunity to perform and complete musical tests at Grade 1 level. They receive both constructive feedback and a grading for their performance and this is assessed by another member of the relevant department. Music performed in these exams will usually be chosen from tutor books, thus avoiding the need for parents to buy additional music at this level. There is no fee passed on to parents for this exam.


Exams are a valuable benchmark for progress and can provide an incentive for pupils to practise and to achieve their potential. They provide pupils with written feedback on their performance by professional musicians and this can be hugely helpful as a learning tool. UCAS (the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service)  recognise success in music exams in Grade 6 and above by awarding university applicants with UCAS points for their achievements. The music exam experience can be valuable in giving pupils skills and confidence in preparing for assessments and exams in other areas of their learning, throughout their lives.