“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent”

Victor Hugo


Wolverhampton Music Education Hub is committed to it’s partnership with schools.

Each school will choose to work with the hub in different ways, accessing different areas of its support to meet their own needs. Schools can access the following by working with the hub.

Whole Class Ensemble Teaching

Whole classes accessing instrumental music for the first time at KS1 and 2. READ MORE →

Instrumental Teaching

Large group, small group and individual teaching for Key Stages 1-5. READ MORE →


Interactive sessions for large groups of pupils in primary schools and early years. READ MORE →

Continued Professional Development

Training opportunities for school based staff.

Regular Network Meetings

We organise regular network meetings for Music staff at all Special Schools, Primary Schools and Secondary Schools in the City. Attendance is excellent and we present and discuss a range of opportunities and issues as well as sharing information and ideas using the wealth of experience and knowledge that Music staff in Wolverhampton have to offer.