Fun, exciting, challenging, rewarding!

Learning an instrument can be all these things and much more.  Wolverhampton Music Education Hub offers all the ingredients needed to enjoy learning and reach potential.

If you are thinking about learning to play an instrument, or have already started, here is a checklist of some key things to consider:

  • Choosing the right instrument – Not every instrument suits everybody.  Which one interests you most?  What does your school offer? Is it the right size or shape for you?  Can you produce a sound on it?
  • Practising – To get the most out of learning an instrument, it needs to be practised often (much more than just once a week!!) to gain all the skills needed to really enjoy everything playing an instrument has to offer.
  • Joining a group – Once you have the basic skills you may want to join a group.  Playing together is a rewarding and exciting part of playing an instrument.  Ask at your school and take a look a look at what Wolverhampton Music School has to offer.
  • Setting Goals – You will need to set goals and targets when learning an instrument, your teacher will help you do this so that you always have something to aim for.
  • Taking Exams – You may want to challenge yourself further by preparing for an exam.  They are an excellent way of helping to learn and hone the right skills.  The higher grades can also help you get into university!